Aussie Bush Kettle - Gold Package
Aussie Bush Kettle - Gold Package
Aussie Bush Kettle - Gold Package
Aussie Bush Kettle - Gold Package

Aussie Bush Kettle - Gold Package

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100% Australian Made

The Aussie Bush Kettle will boil 4 cups of water in under 5 minutes, but no need to rely on your gas stove anymore, just a few twigs and leaves and you're set.

The Aussie Bush Kettle is strong! Made from 304 stainless steel and designed to handle the Australian Bush with style and for years to come.

Efficient 'Volcano' Design the unique internal design of the Aussie Bush Kettle is designed to maximise heat transfer through the water jacket, resulting in a quick boil.

Detachable Fire Base so when you're done boiling water, use the coals to cook your food. Simply place your frying pan, saucepan or grill onto the Detachable Fire Base.

Every Aussie Bush Kettle is inspected for leaks, imperfections and fitment before shipping to you. With ongoing care, your kettle will last for years.

The Aussie Bush Kettle Gold Package contains:

1 x 1.1ltr Stainless Steel Aussie Bush Kettle
1 x Stainless Steel Fire Base
1 x Calico Travel Bag
1 x Liquid Fuel Burner Dish
1 x Fire Extinguishing Board
1 x Diffuser
4 x 8cm Enameled Steel Mugs
1 x set Tea, Coffee & Sugar Canisters
1 x Calico Utensil Bag

The ultimate Aussie Bush Kettle package has everything you need to make the best cuppa outside of the kitchen! A perfect gift for the keen outdoor enthusiast, hunter, prospector or that special someone that you thought had everything.

Coupled with the Aussie Bush Kettle Canvas Bag, this package really is a great addition to the enthusiasts kit and is an incredible gift.