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  • What tyre sizes does it fit?
    • 29" to 40"
  • What's the max weight I can put in it?
    • 22kg
  • What if something breaks?
    • Don't worry if it's still new (1 year) we will send replacement parts for free. If it's a little older, don't stress just email us via our contact page and we can organise the spares you need
  • How big is it?
    • It's BIG! one of the largest on the market at 91 litres capacity, but it's 220mm (D) x 520mm (W) x 800mm (H) to be exact
  • What's MOLLE?
    • Wikipedia says "MOLLE (pronounced /ˈmɒl.l/, similar in pronunciation to the name Molly) is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. It is used to define the current generation of load-bearing equipment and backpacks"
    • We say, it's basically a modular system that allows you to add other storage accessories to your bag!
  • Can a possum get in?
    • We've never tested it, but it has to get through the flap, and a pull tie close, and we'd be pretty damn impressed if it did
    • If you do find a possum get into your bag, let us know!
  • Is it just for rubbish?
    • Hell no! You can use the Trasharoo for anything you like, it's great for throwing in muddy snatch straps and recovery gear, or throwing in wet towels and swim gear after a day at the beach, you could even use it to throw sticks and twigs in for fires. It's limited to your imagination (and 22kg weight)
  • Will it fade?
    • unfortunately overtime exposure to the sun will fade the colours in the canvas material, however the canvas itself will remain stable.