How to fit

Installation X-Straps and Anti-Sag Strap


To attach the Trasharoo to a tyre.


Step 1.

Attach the anti-sag strap to a X strap. Feed the strap through the small loop on the anti-sag strap, loosen the X strap buckles to a suitable length.


Step 2.

Place the Trasharoo onto the tyre and the straps behind, make sure the anti-sag strap is on top of the tyre.


Step 3.

Cross straps in a “X” pattern and snap the buckles shut, pull the straps tight, ensure the buckles are slightly offset when tightening the straps, this will ensure they don’t rub together during travel.


Step 4.

Open the velcro section of the anti-sag strap and slide under the opposite x-strap and fold close, do not pull close, this will disfigure the x-straps, to close simply fold the velcro over.


Step 5.

Slide nylon buckle covers over the buckles to protect them from UV rays and dirt.


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